Enjoy The Harvest All Year Long

Now that summer is here the farmers markets are brimming with fresh produce. I have a group of friends that  take advantage of this every year. We buy bushels of tomatoes and other various vegetables and have a canning party.

The process of preserving fruits and vegetables is a lost art which I am not going to attempt to explain here. What I do recommend is that you take a class at your local agricultural extension, or cooking school and or read a good instructional manual

I highly recommend “Canning and Preserving for Dummies“. It is written by Karen Ward who is a life-time home canner as well as a cook book author. Briefly, the book covers every aspect of water bath canning, pressure canning, freezing, and drying. It also has some great recipes for sauces, chutneys, jams and jellies. Take the time to learn something new.

Get some friends together and have canning party!



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