Long Smoked Beef Brisket


Dry rub: Cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, chili powder, garlic powder in equal amounts.
Beef Brisket 8 to 9 pound cut
Hickory chunks
In  Dallas at Sonny Brian’s Smokehouse the brisket  mouth wateringly moist, with a burnt crust and a haunting smokiness, chopped in chunks and piled high on a toasted bun..The sauce used on it was Texas style, thin and tart with a little bit of heat.. The sauce was even great on the monster onion rings. So here goes our attempt to recreate Sonny’s Brisket.


  • Combine the dry rub ingredients using proportions to suite your taste.
  • Rub the meat with the dry rub mix..rub it in good.
  • While you let the meat return to room temperature, build your charcoal fire, as big as you can and still leave room for the meat to sit off to the side of the grill.
  • When your coals are gray, add  some wood chunks and put your meat on the grill (just as long as you can put it where the fire doesn’t touch it.)
  • Keep the grill thermometer between 230 and 250 degrees.
  • Make sure the fatty side of the brisket is on top.
  • Cook for four hours, adding charcoal and wood as necessary to maintain a constant temperature.
  • After four hours take the brisket out, wrap it in foil return it to the grill and cook it for four more hours ( remember always try to maintain a constant temperature)
  • After the second four hours take the brisked from the foil..Save the juice. You can add it to your barbecue sauce.
  • Return the brisket to the grill for the ninth and final hour..This last hour will give it the crispiness on the outside.
  • After the final hour is done, take the brisket and let it rest, then separate the halves. The top half is used for chopped brisket. It can also be shredded. The bottom half should be cut across the grain of the meat in a diagonal fashion.




20 min


5 hr


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