The Ultimate Antipasto Plate


A selection of salami's. Tuscan, pepperoni, Genoa, dry salami etc.
Small wedges of mixed cheeses. Parmesan Reggiano. provolone, asiago, mozzarella (your
Hard boiled eggs in wedges
White meat tuna that was packed in olive oil ( if you can find Spanish or Italian tuna packed in jars as opposed to cans you will find that it has no relationship to the canned stuff)
Cherry tomatoes
Caned sardines
Italian peperoncini (spicy pickled small peppers)
A selection of olives
Here is a very dramatic appetizer dish that can passed around to you guests before the big game or at a special family gathering. I recommend that you get your ingredients from an gourmet specialty or an Italian deli. Good quality ingredients make all the difference here. Once you decide on your ingredients arrange them artfully on a large platter. Use your imagination and you will be able to create a dramatic presentation. Also provide some small plates for your guests so they can build their own plates.

Be creative use as many or as few of these ingredients as you would like.


20 min


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