French Dessert – Apples Cheese and Roasted Pecans


1 red Fuji or Winesap apple
1 green granny smith apple
1/2 lb of Stilton cheese
1/2 lb of roasted pecans
Misc. crackers
Coarsely cracked black pepper
1 bottle of good Port Wine
I am so grateful to have learned many cooking techniques and gained so much inspiration for the great French Chef Jacques Pepin. This recipe is super simple and a classic dessert enjoyed by the French. It is wonderful served with a good Port wine This recipe is written for 2 and can be easily doubled or tripled. It can be prepared in about 5 minutes. Now how easy is that?
  • Core and slice the apples into 8 slices each.
  • Cut Stilton into 1 inch chunks
  • On an attractive serving tray or cutting board artfully arrange the apples, stilton, roasted pecans and crackers.
  • Sprinkle the apples lightly with the coarsely cracked black pepper.
  • Serve with a glass of Port.





15 min


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