Fruity Frozen Ice Cube Water


Pour your favorite 100% fruit juice in ice trays and freeze, or you may puree you favorite fruits and pour them into ice cube trays, then freeze
Put 4-5 frozen fruit juice ice cubes in the glass
Fill the glass with water
It's ready to drink
A great way to encourage long term healthy habits is by making them a regular family event. Remember with outdoor activities it is important to stay well hydrated. Kids should aim for 4 to 8 glasses of water a day. Keep your kids and yourself hydrated with cool refreshing water throughout the day. You can also flavor the water with fruit or other juices or use 100% fruit juice.

Exercise Tips:

  • While you are power walking or going for a job, invite your kids to ride their bikes, roller blade or skateboard by your side. Make sure they are wearing helmets.
  • Enroll your family in a fitness class such as tennis lessons, karate or rick climbing. New adventures encourage confidence and endurance.
  • For birthdays or other holidays, give the gift of fitness. bicycles, soccer balls, baseball gloves and golf clubs are perfect for promoting an active lifestyle.
  • Plan family outings in the park. Pick up games of basketball or football, Frisbee, catch or tag will promote cardiovascular health.
  • Gardening, painting and house cleaning are all forms of exertion that burn calories.


2 hr


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