You Can Save a Huge Amounts of Money Using Coupons

With today’s economy it is important to make your hard earned dollars go further, especially when it comes to groceries. Food and household supplies are the third largest monthly expenditure for most of us.

More and more people are saving hundreds of dollars a week just by clipping coupons. Those that do it say it’s easy. They say you have to be organized and think about what you need or what you can use down the line.

A good way to proceed is to get a three ring binder with plastic baseball card holders. Take this to the grocery store with you and you can easily manage your coupons.

If you are looking to save big. Our first suggestion is to start with the Sunday newpapers. Then go to the computer websites and look for coupons there.

There is always going to be tax on everything for the most part it all depends on how the coupon states. Some grocery stores cite instances where they’ve actually given change back to a customer because of how many coupons they had. Some stores have a 20 coupon limit, and some have no limit. Those who have limits, just do separate transactions.

It is important to note that most grocery stores are finished stocking the shelves by 4 pm each day. Also, it’s best to shop during the week as opposed to the weekend when most people shop. It’s even better if you can shop during the day before the after work crowd arrives.

We have included some links that you can download coupons right from you computer. Happy Couponing!

Coupon Websites:

Love Food So Good Mall



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