“10 Must Have Nutritious Products to Add to Your Grocery List”

Did you know the that the products you put in your grocery cart each week can affect your child’s growth and development? Well, making healthier food purchases at the grocery store can help your child develop a taste for nutritious food. If grocery shopping for your family feels confusing, follow these simple basic guidelines and get these 10 must need products in your grocery cart today.


  • Food preferences are developed early in life, so offer your child a variety of foods.
  • Parents control the supply lines. Adults should decide what foods are regularly provided to children.
  • There is not such thing as “kid food.” Once children can chew and swallow without choking, they should be eating the same healthy foods as their parents, just in smaller portions.
  • If the parents are not eating healthy, they are a part of the problem instead of a part of the solution to develop healthy eating habits for their children.
  • To get a personalized eating plan for you and your child, visit 
10 Nutritious Products:
  1. Whole Grain Brown Rice
  2. Organic Microwave Popcorn, with no additives (Natures Promise is a good Product)
  3. Natural Apple Sauce
  4. String Cheese
  5. Eggs
  6. Fat free milk (dry fat free milk is also a good choice)
  7. Raisins
  8. Whole Wheat Tortillas 
  9. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  10. No sugar added fruit juices
Children imitate adults. Be a role model for healthy eating. In the near future we will be featuring many mom  friendly, healthy recipes and ideas for kids.



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