Guide Lines For Using Herbs and Spices


Here are some guidelines to help you elevate your cooking with herbs and spices.


  • When first experimenting, take it easy and use a light hand. You can always add more, but you can’t take them out.
  • Use just enough to heighten natural food flavors.
  • Start with 1/2 tsp of dried herbs to four servings; to one pound of meat, poultry or fish; to two cups of sauce, vegetables or soup.
  • When you measure dried herbs, crush in the palm of your hand before adding will give you deeper flavor.
  • If you are going to substitute fresh herbs for dried use three to four more times in fresh herbs.
  • Add herbs at the same time as salt and pepper to meats, vegetables, sauces and soups.
  • In long cooking foods, such as stews, add herbs during the last half hour of cooking time.
  • Add herbs to juices or cold sauces well ahead of time and let stand overnight in order to develop the deepest flavor possible.


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