About Apples

  • Apples are naturally juicy. Add very little water when cooking,  only enough to prevent apples from scorching.
  • Apples are naturally sweet. Use little sugar, or their flavor won’t be as delightful and their texture will change to mush.
  • If you are making applesauce sweeten after cooking and try using a little honey.
  • Apples turn brown after slicing. A bit of lemon juiced squeezed over will prevent this.
  • Cortland and golden delicious apples retain their whiteness longest, so use these for salads.
  • Apples should be kept at 32 to 40  degrees.
  • Store in plastic bags or in the refrigerator hydrator.
  • If stored in a cellar or outdoors, wrap apples individually in newsprint and cover with a blanket to prevent freezing.
  • Apples bruise easily. Handle with care. Don’t buy bruised apples, they spoil quickly.
  • Apples have frequently been sprayed for insects.
  • Wash apples with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly before eating.
  • Cider is best made from three to five apple varieties, some sweet and some tart. Cider can be frozen for year round enjoyment.
  • Apples can be stored by preparing fruit as you would for canning, using a light syrup. Rather than processing after pacing, simply freeze.
  • Apples by the  pound=4 small, 3 medium, or 2 large and yield 3 cups diced, or 2 and 3/4 cups pared and sliced, or 1 and 1/2 cups shredded.
  • Apples make attractive candle holders. remove the core, except for near the base. Insert a candle.
  • Apples brighten dulled aluminum pans by boiling apple peelings in them.
  • Apples will keep cookies soft, if a cut apple is placed in the cookie jar.
  • Remember to always brush your teeth after eating, especially after eating sweets. If that isn’t possible.. Eat an apple.
Apple Varieties:
  • Baldwin; Red and yellow pores, moderately tart.
  • Cortland; Red w/golden blush, sweet and juicy white flesh.
  • Delicious; Bright red,  sweet, juicy and mild.
  • Golden Delicious; Golden, mottled, sweet aromatic.
  • Grimes Golden; Yellow dotted, firm, crisp, aromatic, crisp.
  • Granny Smith; Bright green, firm tart juicy.
  • Gravenstein; Golden w/red stripes, tart, spicy, firm.
  • Greening; Light green, rich, crisp, tart.
  • Haralson; Red, some gold highlights, Firm, sweet, juicy.
  • Jonathan; Bright red, lightly speckled, crisp, juicy, lightly tart.
  • Lady-tiny; Pale yellow, glossy, firm sweet white flesh.
  • McIntosh; Two toned red and green, crisp, juicy, aromatic.
  • Mutsu; Yellow, tender, fragrant.
  • Newton Pippin; Yellow green/blushing pink, firm, midly tart.
  • Rome Beauty; Red and red striped, mild, juicy.
  • Spy; Bright red, some green and yellow spots, fragrant slightly tart.
  • Stayman; Bright red, some green or yellow spots, fragrant, slightly tart.
  • Wealthy; Red and deep red, fine texture and tart.
  • Winesap; Deep red, yellow streaked, juicy, flavorful, firm.
  • York; lopsided, red and green, Mild, firm.





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