Eat to Beat Heart Disease

A Heart Healthy diet Includes:

  • At least 4 and 1/2 cups of fresh fruit and vegetables per day
  • At least tow 3.5 oz servings of fish per week. Ideally,you should chose fish that contain omega-3 fats, like salmon, mackerel, lake trout, sardines and herring.
  • At least three 1 oz servings of whole grain products that are high in fiber (1.1 g or more of fiber per 10 g of carbohydrate)
  • Less than 36 oz of sugar-sweetened beverages per week. (that’s less than three 12 oz cans of soda)
  • No more than two servings of processed meats per week.
  • No more than 1,500 mg of sodium per day.
  • No trans fats- and choose low-fat and fat-free dairy products, lean meats and skinless poultry.
Courtney of Johns Hopkins Medical Center



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