Grow your own Herbs

Herbs add a delicious flavor to many of our favorite meals. cooking with herbs can also help you cut back on the use of salt and sauces that can add unnecessary sodium and calories.
Most herbs need a sunny location to succeed. Aim for a place in or around your home that receives 4-8 hour of  direct sunlight each day. herbs can also tolerate light shade, but pots that don’t receive enough direct sunlight should be rotated every few days. Give herbs enough space to grow and trim them regularly to keep then compact. Be sure to bring outdoor potted herbs inside before the first frost of the year.
Pick the right pot and soil for your herbs. Terracotta pots are best because  they are porous, keeping the soil moist while allowing the roots to breathe. The best soils for potted herbs are organic potting mixes made with compost, peat and perlite. Herbs should only be watered when the soil is dry to the touch, which can vary with the time of year or temperature. Provide just enough water so that a small amount drains out the bottom.
Some of the easiest herbs to start from seed are basil, chives, dill and parsley. If you grow mint, keep it confined in a pot so the runners don’t take over your garden. Start with small plants for lavender, oregano, rosemary, sage, sweet marjoram, tarragon and thyme which can be planted outdoors and will usually come back each year.



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