All about BreadfruitA starchy, bland Caribbean fruit that’s used as a vegetable. Dry like bread, breadfruit is definitely an acquired taste. Natives use it in all stages of ripeness, from green, to half ripe, to ripe. The texture of the bread fruit progresses as it ripens, from firm, like raw potato to creamy like ripe avocado.Breadfruit are increasingly available in markets selling tropical produce. Breadfruit are not edible until cooked.If you’re allergic to grains, you may wish to experiment with breadfruit as an exotic alternative bread. Breadfruit can be difficult to find state side. However many Asian and Latin markets will have it.

Preparation: Scrub breadfruit and roast in the peel for 1 hour at 375 degrees. Slice, remove peel and serve as a bread-like side dish. Or cover the slice with your favorite sauce and return it to the oven  while it absorbs the liquid 10-15 minutes.


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