About Rice

  • White Rice: Long, medium and short grain are the three types. The shorter grain, the more starch it contains. It is the starch that causes rice to stick together when cooked. Long grain rice cooks up long and fluffy.
  • Aborio Rice: A short grain, white rice. It is preferred in risotto as it contributes to the traditional creaminess of the dish.
  • Instant and quick-cooking rice: popular because their short cooking times, instant and quick-cooking ride are partially or fully cooked before they are packaged.
  • Brown Rice: An unpolished rice grain, it has the bran layer intact. It has a chewy and nutty flavor. Brown rice requires a longer cooking time.
  • Converted Rice: also called parboiled rice, this white rice is steamed and pressure cooked before it is packaged. This process helps to retain nutrients and keep the grain from sticking together when cooked.
  • Aromatic Rices: some rices, Basmati, jasmine etc., have an irresistible taste. Many middle eastern and Asian varieties have this wonderful flavor.
  • Wild Rice: Not a grain, wild rice is a marsh grass. It takes  three times as long to cook as white rice, but the nut like flavor and chewy texture are worth the wait. Expensive but worth every dollar.



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