Chicharrones de Puerco

Pork Cracklings
These pork cracklings have no relationship to those that are sold in bags as bacon rinds.
Making these the secret lies in the age of the pig. Skin from the back of a young pig is what one needs. In Latin markets you may find ready made authentic Chicharrones.
Alternatively they are always better if you make them fresh. Have a butcher cut the skin from the back of a young pig leaving about 3/4 inch of fat on it. Carefully score the fat in a criss-cross pattern with out cutting through to the skin itself. Soak in cold water for 2-3 hours, drain and pat dry. Put the pork pieces in a heavy sauce pan with enough lard to cover once melted. Cook, uncovered, very, very slowly for about 4 hours. Remember that this is a labor of love. When the skin looks transparent, increase the heat a little and cook for about 60 minutes longer until the skins puff up. Drain and sprinkle with a little cold water or  bitter orange juice and cook for a few minutes longer.
Lift out and season with salt. You are now in pork heaven.



2 min


1 hr


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