Chicken Tostadas


1 package of Tostadas Charras (Available at Latin markets)
1 cup refried beans
2 cups boiled shredded chicken
2 cups shredded lettuce
Bottled vinaigrette dressing
Mexican hot sauce
2 pickled carrots, sliced diagonally
1 small jalapeno chilie strips
1 sliced tomato
avocado strips
2 ozs Mexican hard white cheese, grated
A tosada is a flat crispy corn tortilla. It lends itself to the addition of many different toppings. It is common in the Baja region of Mexico.
  • Toss the lettuce with vinaigrette.
  • Spread the refried beans on the tostadas.
  • Place the shredded chicken, carrots, lettuce, chilie strips on top.
  • Top with a tomato slice and sprinkle with the crumbled cheese.
  • Add several dashes of hot sauce.



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