Opening Oysters and Clams

Oysters and clams can be very difficult to open. It helps when you have the proper tools. There are Oyster knifes and clam knifes. An oyster knife has dull edges and a sharp point that is designed to penetrate the rear abductor mussel. A clam knife has a thin blade, unlike the pointed oyster knife, has a rounded tip and one sharp side. You hold the clam in the palm of your hand, with the seam side out and pull the sharp side of the knife through the seam to open. Now here is a great tip. Clams and oysters are easier to open when they have been chilled for a few hours. This process causes the abductor mussels to relax. So if you place the oysters and clams  in crushed ice for several hours they will open easily.
Alternatively you may also place them the freezer for about an half hour.



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