• Servings 4 sandwiches
  • Prep 15 min
  • Cook 15 min
  • Cuisine
  • Skill Level

Crab Grilled Cheese Sandwich


  • 1 lb of lump or back fin crab meat, picked over
  • 8 slices of ciabatta bread
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • 16 slices of white sharp cheddar cheese
  • To assemble the sandwiches place 4 slices of ciabatta on a work surface and add 2 slices of cheese, covering the bread as evenly as possible
  • Top each bread slice with 1 quarter of the crab meat, the top with two more slices of cheese.
  • Cover with the remaining bread slices.
  • Brush both sides of each sandwich with melted butter.
  • Working in batches place the sandwich’s in a large saute pan and using medium heat brown both sides until golden and the cheese begins to melt.
  • Once you have browned the 4 sandwiches on each side, place them on a baking sheet and using 400 degree heat bake them for 2 minutes.

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