Japanese Sushi Guide at a Glance

This is a brief guide that will help you order on you next sushi experience.

 (Sushi means with rice)
  • Sake: Salmon
  • Saba: Mackerel
  • Maguro: Tuna
  • Masago: Flying fish roe
  • Mirugai: Giant Clam
  • Toro: Special Fatty Tuna
  • Tako: Octopus
  • Tobiko: Crab caviar
  • Tamago: Omelet
  • Uni: Sea Urchin
  • Unagi: Smoked Eel
  • Hotategai: Scallop
  • Hokkigai: Red Clam
  • Hamachi: Yellowtail
  • Hirame: Flounder
  • Ikura: Salmon roe
  • Ika: Squid
  • Amaebi: Jumbo sweet shrimp
  • Kani: Crab stick
  • Tai: Red snapper
  • Ebi: Cooked shrimp
  • Isa Ebi: Cooked shrimp
Special Sushi Rolls:
  • Masa roll: Tempura soft shell crab, cucumber with tuna, eel, black tobiko and eel sauce.
  • Deep fried California roll: Crab meat, asparagus, eel sauce, spicy mayo, fish egg.
  • Yankee Roll: Shrimp tempura and crab meat with cucumber wrap and spicy mayonnaise.
  • Spicy Santana Roll: Tempura shrimp inside out topped with Kani, spicy mayo, scallion and fish egg.
  • Out of Control Roll: Spicy yellowtail with tuna, salmon, avocado, black tobiko on top.
  • American Dream Roll: Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, asparagus, fish eggs wrapped in yellow soy sheet.
  • Fisherman roll: Spicy Tuna, salmon, spicy yellowtail inside with lobster salad on top.
  • Tuna Lovers Roll: Spicy tuna with white tuna, red tuna, avocado, mango sauce on top.
  • Samurai Roll: Spicy tuna inside, eel and avocado on the top with eel sauce.
  • Sea Breeze Roll: Eel avocado inside with spicy yellowtail, eel sauce on top.
  • Sapporo Roll: Eel avocado inside with spicy yellowtail and eel sauce on top.
  • Crazy Tuna Roll: Pepper tuna, jalapeno avocado inside with spicy tuna and spicy mayonnaise.
  • Dancing Dragon Roll: Shrimp tempura with eel, avocado and eel sauce on top.
  • Paradise Roll: Tuna, Kani, eel, avocado inside with lightly torched salmon on top, served with eel sauce, mango sauce and spicy mayonnaise.
  • Million Dollar Roll: Spicy king crab inside with tuna, salmon, yellowtail avocado and spiced tofu on top.
  • Spicy Tuna Roll: Tempura white tuna, spicy tuna wrap with pink soy sheet with fresh tuna and pepper tuna, spicy mayonnaise, wasabi mayonnaise and eel sauce on top.
  • Wasabi Dragon Roll: Tempura eel, cucumber inside with half avocado, eel, wasabi tobiko, wasabi mayonnaise, and eel on top.


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