Healthy Beverage Alternatives

Processed beverages are among the worst health hazards that we are facing today. Are you still drinking, soda, vitamin water, Propel and other drinks with artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners???
Homemade infused waters are the way to go. Here are some options with benefits to help with detoxification, energy and hydration. Put as much fruit in water as you like and let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

  • Green tea, mint and lime: fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion and breath freshener.
  • Strawberry, kiwi: Cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion.
  • Cucumber, lime, lemon: Water weight management, bloating, appetite control.
  • Lemon, lime, orange: Digestion, vitamin C, immune defense, heart burn. (drink at room temperature)
  • Lemon water: Boosts immune system, balances ph, flush out unwanted materials, decrease wrinkles and blemishes, relieve tooth pain, relieves respiratory problems and cures throat infections.

Sources: Raw for and Healthy Eating 



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