About Cinnamon

There are two main types of cinnamon. Casia cinnamon is native to Southeast Asia, especially southern China and northern Vietnam, and has the strong, spicy-sweet flavor most Americans are familiar with. Vietnamese and China cinnamon are the sweetest and strongest varieties, with Korintje cinnamon having a smooth flavor with less bite. Cinnamon sticks ad Korintje cinnamon both come from the southwest coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. It grows wild on the government protected slopes of Mount Kerinci, where the cinnamon gets it’s name. The top grade is A. There are two other grades, B and C, which are usually found in you local supermarket. The strength and flavor of spices depends upon the essential oil content..the higher the level, the stronger the flavor. When orders for cinnamon come in, the large sticks are cracked into slightly smaller pieces and packed into burlap bags for shipment.
The second type of cinnamon, Ceylon, or “true” cinnamon, has a much different flavor. It is less sweet, with a more complex citrus flavor. The special flavor of English and Mexican sweets comes from Ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon is is is especially suited for baking with fruit, especially apple pie. 



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