About Bacon

About Bacon
Many say that they would be vegetarian if it wasn’t for bacon. There are many varieties of bacon all of which have deep savory flavor. This is a brief guide that will help you on your journey to discovering the wonderful flavor that bacon can provide on it’s own as well an addition to many dishes.When cooking bacon, use medium low heat, turn the bacon frequently with tongs until the desired doneness is achieved.


Pancetta is a traditional Italian bacon that has been cured with salt, peppercorns, and cloves, but not smoked. It usually comes in a roll, similar to sausage and is sliced to order.

Irish Bacon:

Made from lean meat from the eye of the  pork loin, smoked-cured Irish bacon resembles a miniature boneless loin roast. It can be cut of sliced any way you like.

Canadian Bacon:

Like Irish bacon, Canadian bacon comes from the pork loin and has less fat and fewer calories than American style bacon. It is often called “back bacon”because the meat comes from the back of the pig.

American Style Bacon:

American style bacon,such  as Virginia bacon, is taken from the pig’s belly. It is salt cured  and smoked, then the rind is removed before slicing.

Slab Bacon:

Slab bacon is a single large piece of rind-on bacon. When smoked over corn cobs, it acquires  a particularly rich flavor.

Peppered Bacon:

Peppered bacon is just what it’s name implies. It is bacon that has been coated with coarsely ground black pepper.

Apple Wood Smoked Bacon:

Cured in the smoke from smoldering apple wood, this bacon has a delicate, sweet undertone.


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