Wild Mushroom Soup with Sherry


1 lb assorted mushrooms, coarsely chopped
3 tbs butter
kosher salt and black pepper to taste
1 tbs smoked paprika
3 tbs flour
3 cups beef broth
3 cups milk
2 egg yolks
1/2 cup sour cream
2-3 tbs dry sherry
Paprika and sour cream are Hungarian touches in this wonderfully colored mushroom soup. A combination of wild mushrooms, egg yolks, butter and sherry make it very rich.

  • Heat the butter in a large saucepan.
  • Add the mushrooms and cook over medium heat until they are lightly browned, but not soft.
  • Season with salt and pepper, then stir in the paprika.
  • Sprinkle with flour and stir until it is well mixed.
  • Add the broth gradually and cook, stirring until the soup thickens slightly.
  • Add the milk and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Taste and adjust seasoning if desired.
  • Remove from the heat.
  • Beat the egg yolks in a bowl, then add the sour cream and make a smooth mixture.
  • Stir the mixture carefully into the soup and reheat it gently.
  • Do not let it boil or the eggs will scramble.
  • Stir in the sherry and serve.




15 min


15 min


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