French Toast with Honey Orange Sauce


8 (3/4 inch) slices of French bread
4 eggs beaten
1 cup milk
1 tbs sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tbs butter, divided
1 cup orangejuice
2 tbs honey
2 tsp cornstarch
1 tsp grated orange rind
1/8 tsp ground ginger
1 (11 oz) can mandarin oranges, drained


  • Place the bread in a large baking dish, then combine the eggs and the next 4 ingredients, beat well.
  • Pour egg mixture over bread, then turn slices over to coat.
  • Melt 1 tbs butter in a large skilled over medium high heat.
  • Arrange 4 slices of bread in skillet and cook for 3 minutes on each side or until browned.
  • Remove to a serving plate and keep warm.
  • Repeat the process with remaining 1 tbs of butter and bread slices.
  • For the orange sauce combine the orange ¬†juice, honey, cornstarch, grated orange rind and ginger.
  • Cook over medium high heat, stirring constantly until sauce thickens slightly, then add the mandarin oranges.
  • Drizzle sauce over the French toast.




15 min


10 min


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