Hot and Sour Soup with Ginger


4 cups chicken broth
2 ozs dried shiitake mushrooms
5 tbs rice vinegar
2 tbs corn starch
1 1/2 tbs sesame ol
3 tbs fresh ginger, minced
1 10 oz package firm tofu, cut into 1/4 inch dice
1 oz bean thread noodles or angel hair pasta, broken in half
1 tbs soy sauce
1/2 tsp dried crushed red pepper
pinch of sugar
  • ┬áCombine broth and mushrooms in a bowl, and let stand for about 30 minutes or until softened.
  • Remove mushrooms from broth and squeeze dry over bowl with broth and reserve broth. Discard mushroom stems, then thinly slice the caps.
  • Combine the vinegar and cornstarch in a small bowl and stir to blend.
  • ┬áHeat oil in a large sauce pan over high heat. Add ginger and saute for 30 seconds.
  • Pour in the reserved broth and bring to a boil. Add noodles, tofu, soy sauce, red pepper, sugar, and mushrooms.
  • Reduce heat to medium low, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add the cornstarch mixture and stir until slightly thickened, about 1 minute.
  • Serve warm.




15 min


10 min


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