Bottled Water

Bottled water is not the beverage of choice  for millions of  Americans.We are also destroying the environment! Where do you think all those empty plastic bottles go? We drink nearly 3 billion gallons a year at an average cost of bout $1.50 cents a gallon (compared with an average price of $1.50 per thousand gallons of tap water. That makes bottled water nearly 1,000 times more expensive.

Most of the popularity of bottled water has to do with the image of purity images of water drawn from carefully protected sources in high mountain regions. Wake up! This is marketing, not reality! In many cases these images are largely the product of clever advertisers. The fact is that most bottled water isn’t much purer than tap water! Yes I said it! Most bottled water products go through a complex manufacturing process before being shipped. Some waters get their carbonation from gases shipped in from another state. Some products themselves are shipped by truck or train hundred of miles from the source of the bottler. Not only are we paying for a product that we can easily make ourselves, but we are also screwing up the environment!

If you are drinking bottled water for purity, remember this: There are few state or federal laws that require bottled water to be any purer than the stuff that comes out of your kitchen or that is in your toilet! Also in keeping with the green environment initiative, it is clear that bottled water wastes energy resources and contributes to air pollution, global warming, acid rain and other environmental menaces.

There is an easy solution , purchase a water filtration devise and some resuseable water containers. There are many cost effective water filtration products out here that produce as good as, if not better than anything you can buy in a bottle!



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