Trinidadian Crab Curry Pilau


1 lb crab meat, picked over
3 tbs lime juice
2 tbs canola oil
2 tbs unsalted butter
2 medium onions, minced
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 fresh hot pepper, seeded and chopped
2 tbs curry powder
2 cups uncooked rice
4 cups coconut milk
kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper
1 tbs fresh chives, chopped
This is a dish that originates from Trinidad/Tobago.Directions:

  • Put the crab meat into a bowl and add the lime juice and set aside.
  • In a heavy casserole, heat the oil and butter and saute the onions, garlic, hot pepper until the onions are tender.
  • Add the curry powder and cook, stirring for 3-4 minutes, being careful not to let the curry powder burn.
  • Stir in the rice and cook for about  a minute longer, just to coat the grains.
  • Add the coconut milk and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Stir and cook covered over low heat until the rice is almost done. About 15 minutes.
  • Fold in the crab meat and any liquid, and chives.
  • Cook for 5 minutes longer, or until the liquid is all absorbed and the crab is heated through.




15 min


25 min


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