Is this Seafood Fresh?


There are many seafood markets across the country that sell great fresh seafood. However, if you live in a landlocked area, it may be a bit more challenging. First, we would like to give you a few tips:

  • Never buy seafood that is wrapped in plastic and displayed in your grocery stores seafood section. This is the old stuff and you have no way of determining if the product is fresh. And believe me it’s not!
  • If you are buying fillets or any other fresh seafood it should smell of the sea. Not fishy.
  • It is much easier to determine if a whole fish is fresh. First, the gills should be bright red not dull and brown, the eyes should be clear and not cloudy, and finally conduct the finger test. Press you finger against the fleshy part of the fish if the indentation springs right back then the fish is fresh.

Now, as promised I am going go review one of my favorite web sources for seafood. We have no financial interest in this company and we do not profit you decide to make a purchase. Our goal is to simply provide my readers with valuable information and the best sources to purchase food products.

Browne Trading Company is one of our favorite sources for fresh seafood. Many of the “rock star” chefs purchase their seafood from this company. Browne’s is located in Portland, Maine at the Merrill’s Wharf. We are going to give you some of our favorite products but we suggest that you check them out on the web and order a copy of their catalog as well.

Our Favorites:

  • Wild caught and farmed caviar’s
  • A wide selection of salts, Hawaiian black salt, Himalayan pink salt and all kinds of flake sea salts.
  • Premium canned Spanish seafood, razor calms, percebes etc.
  • All types of smoked and cured seafood, salmon, haddock, sable fish, mussels and shrimp.
  • Premium fresh oysters. Pemaquid, Glidden Points, and winter points from Maine, as well as Kumamotos from northern California.
  • All kinds of  hard to find shell fish. Peekytoe crab from Maine, Diver and Day boat sea scallops, Casco bay Mussels, Maine steamer clams(soft shell), and live Maine Lobsters.
  • Over 30 variety’s of pristine fresh fish.

That is just a brief overview. All these products are available via overnight to your door. Some products are available in season.



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