“3 – Step Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Guide”

One of our favorite Interior Designers, Tonisha Ramona, owner of Plush Interior Design, provided us with a great 3 step Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Guide that we are sure you are going to love. In addition, all week long we will be sharing great recipes to make the perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner your loved one is surely going to love as well. Enjoy and be creative!
3-Step Romantic Valentine’s Day Table Setting Guide
As you work on the perfect recipe for your romantic dinner date, you should also keep in mind these creative ways of setting the mood for the evening.
Valentine’s Day is all about splashes of red, purple and pink. But you can always reinvent the season by introducing some silver, turquoise and white to your theme!
Color Combination Ideas:
Red, White, Silver
Turquoise, Red & White
Purple, White & Silver
Turquoise, White & Splash of Pink
Aside from scented candles, some dainty glass vases will look good when filled with colored chocolate and candies or colored stones and gravels. Reuse those red Christmas ornaments and pair them up with some white flowers. Fill your vase with water, put in some red stones, and let a black Chinese fighting fish swim in it while you dine!
Table Setting
Keep in mind that you are preparing a feast for two. The usual table setting should be followed. Now all you need is a statement item that would surely spark a romantic conversation. How about those bracelets he gave you during your first anniversary turned into a napkin ring?
 What You Will Need
Glass vases
Colored chocolate & candy
Colored stones & gravel
Round red Christmas ornaments
White flowers
Red stones
Black Chinese fighting fish
Place Mats
Large Plates
Small Plates
Napkin Rings
Drinking Glass/Wine Glass
Still need help with your romantic dinner table setting? Call me, and in Cupid’s name, I’ll help you with those finishing touches! 561.843.2971



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